"We are not a political or press organisation, we are not an entry fee and we can't consolidate your existing debts into an easily managable monthly package. We are a band and we play good songs to good folk." Welcome aboard.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

One English Pound meet the Twitterati!

Urban dictionary - 
The Twitter.com elite, whose feeds attract thousands of followers and whose 140-character spews capture the attention of the press who doggedly monitor them.

Having recently learnt a new word, we set about making an impact on the so-called Twitterati by messaginghigh-profile celebrities telling them the reason they should listen to One English Pound. 

A flurry of celeb interest in the band was bound to follow; comments, interviews, magazine appearances, maybe a slot on This Morning. 

As The Toytown Express went to print, we still await our first reply, but here's a selection of our work. We'll continue until we succeed, so join Twitter.com/oneenglishpound to keep track of who we've hassled…

@NadineCoyle Hi Nadine, just listened to your song. Could you return the favour and listen to ours at facebook.com/oneenglishpound

@davidblaine Greetings D-man. Hope you're relaxing after years of life-threatening stunts. Listen to our band at myspace.com/oneenglishpound

@DemiMoore Morning Demi. Just casually advertising our band to people we think are kool. Follow us at twitter.com/oneenglishpound thanks

@AshtonKutcher Hi, apologies for sending a tweet to your wife earlier. should've asked you 1st. listen to our band at myspace.com/oneenglishpound x

@djchrismoyles hi chris, waved at you a few years back and you ignored me, so can u listen to our band.. Myspace.com/oneenglishpound

@robbrydon Rob, sorry we've not been in touch. had no water all day due to a burst pipe. listen to our band at facebook.com/oneenglishpound

@richardpbacon Afternoon Richard.. Lady Gaga looks like Cyril Sneer. Pass it on! and listen to our band at myspace.com/oneenglishpound

@Schofe Greetings Phil. Saw you in Joseph a while back. Better than Jason! Have a listen to our band at www.facebook.com/oneenglispound

@jamie_oliver Jamie, thought you'd be interested in our band's 'Music For Cooking' EP, listen at myspace.com/oneenglishpound! x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Odds and Ends

Just a quick note to say thanks to every one who stayed out late to watch us last Saturday night for the Mad Ferret's 4th birthday bash. And a big thanks to the other bands who made it a great night.

We've put up a video from the night and there's a new acoustic recording of Cinderella Walls, which we've had in the set for a few months.

Both are up on our Facebook page here... http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-English-Pound/281853884929?ref=ts

To add to this, we've conirmed a few more gigs, we're playing Leeds Milo on Friday September 10th, September 24th at Leeds The Well and September 30th at Chorley's Imperial pub.

There's a few more on the way as well, and don't forget that we've got Sept 18 at the Mad Ferret pub supporting the Brute Chorus.



Thursday, 22 July 2010

2 gigs - 1 day? Stone me, guv'nor!

Yep, that's right. It's unthinkable that last week, One English Pound were playing just one gig in a day. And now, this Sunday, July 25, we have reached the dizzy heights of playing two gigs in a day. That's one gig per day more than countless other bands, including the Rolling Stones and Muse. 

Well, that's hard work for you! Anyway, first off we're laying down our sword and shield to play a  set at the Riversway Festival (down by the docks). We're on at 1.30pm sharp. 

They want us to get there at 10am - seems a bit extreme. But the good people of Preston demand we sound our very best and if we have to work hard all weekend to impress our townsfolk, then that is what we'll do - did I mention we are playing two gigs in a day? 

In other, if rather similar, news: we are playing another gig on the same day (July 25). It is at the Withy Trees festival on the Lytham Road. Don't be fooled, unlike Blackpool road, Lytham Road doesn't go all the way to Lytham, it comes to an end near Lane Ends - poor effort. 

We will be on stage around 8pm at the Withys but being the 24/7 promotional conveyor belt that we are, we would recommend that you head straight there after your enjoyment of the Riversway Docks Festival has peaked - you can get too much of a good thing.

Two things left to say... firstly, two gigs in a day is not too much of a good thing, so come to both. Secondly, do we really have to be there at 10am??

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

One English summertime update..

A fortnight ago, I was asked if I would like to play an acoustic support slot upstairs at 53 Degrees for Ocean Colour Scene. Silly question.

OCS's One From The Modern was the soundtrack to one of my formative summers, so getting the chance to play on the same stage as its creators, and to a packed-out venue, was an honour. 

I have often been to watch a big gig and seen the support slot play to 1000 people who really don't give a shit, so I had tried to take it with a pinch of salt, practise and practise but not raise my expectations too much.

In reality, it was packed. From the stage, bright lights stop you seeing the large crowd, so the nerves quickly deteriorate, and if a crowd is in good voice then you are well aware how many are watching.

The change in noise level as you gradually get people on your side, not to mention their anticipation of the main event, is pretty intense. And the crowd were as responsive and supportive as at any small venue I've played.

Back to One English Pound matters and we have made some encouraging bookings recently. We are putting on our own gig at the Mad Ferret on Saturday, July 17, and playing with a fantastic band from Oldham/Manchester called The Fayre (http://www.myspace.com/busfayre)

The following weekend, we have two gigs in one single day! Sunday, 25th July puts us at the Riversway Docks Festival for a lunchtime slot at 1.30pm and at the Withy Trees festival in the evening. 

We've also secured a spot at Leeds Festival Fringe and a support slot with garage-folk geniuses The Brute Chorus. More on them as we get it. 

In the meantime, if people could email us with any suggestions of places we can practise and any sightings of our keybard player, we would very much appreciate it. 



Saturday, 12 June 2010

One English Pound's mid-World Cup weekend..

Quick update of life within One English Pound. Thanks to everyone who came down to the Manchester gig at the Factory last Saturday. We'll be looking at another in the not too distant future so we'll try to give you all as much notice as possible.

Anyone who has followed our gig list over the past few months can see that our most common haunts seem to be Preston and Leeds. And the Toytown Express is on the march again next weekend as we hit both cities on consecutive nights.

Firstly, Friday night is England v Algeria, get your football fix, then plan the rest of your weekend around us!

Saturday 19th June we play a night called Grain Division in Leeds bar Carpe Diem. A host of other quirkily named bands are on including The Yalla Yallas, Pet Accessories and Ski Bunny.

Here's the link if you want more info...


Then on Sunday, we are delighted to say that we are playing Preston's premier music festival, Glastonferret. If you've been before, then we'll see you there, if you've not been, then you should. Rain or shine it gives you an authentic festival experience within walking/driving distance of your sofa.

It is important that you know we have a daytime slot and will take to the stage at 3pm.

There is more info here..


We've new songs coming along nicely so make us feel at home and we may just give 'em a go.

See you next weekend.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

One step forward...

Momentum is a funny thing. And you notice it at the strangest of times. In Sheffield (May 6) we arrived full of beans after a forced ten-day break and raring to go. Only to see the crowd sink into the nooks and corners of venue West Street Live and leave us thinking "well, we've got a lot of work to do".

The following Monday we regrouped and bowled into a radio interview with BBC Lancs, with Jonny waxing lyrical about pirates and magicians but all of us largely unprepared to answer the question "what do you want from being in a band?"

Then, a week later, the strangest thing happened. Aware we need to step everything up to make a go of this, we arrived at The Continental beer festival (May 14) and, with the words 'can everyone step forward a bit', everybody did. Twice.

Cheers were loud, dancing was frequent, people were absolutely everywhere and right there and right then you think.. this is what we want from being in a band. This is why we do this, this is what the late nights, the long drives, the practice and the tough crowds are for.

What's more, it's worth every second. Not for the attention or a slap on the back, if I wanted that I'd ring my mum, but for the growing feeling that you may actually have a place in any given community, however big or small, and that people might just enjoy what you do, hear what you are saying and are willing to share in whatever it is that constitutes a "moment" like The Continental gig .

We play FAC251 in our Manchester debut on Saturday, June 5th and we've a lot of practice to squeeze in, but we're confident we can cause a small ripple in the great sea of bands that frequent the city's Saturday night.

It'd be encouraging to have some friendly faces in the crowd and, as always, your support would be much appreciated, so get in touch if you fancy a night out with us.


Monday, 17 May 2010

4 Days in One English Pound

Jonny, are the directions by your feet? No. Then they are definitely still at my flat. It's this left. No, wait, the next one. Must be the next one. It's probably right. Will you get me a deep fried Mars bar. I like this deep fried Mars bar. I probably shouldn't have eaten that deep fried mars bar. What can we get with the drinks vouchers? Pint of Becks or soft drinks. What about Whisky? Pint of Becks or soft drinks. Pint of Becks please. Does anybody have a guitar I can borrow? Dan does. Does anybody have a tuner I can borrow? Dan does. Man, this guitar sucks! Boo. Sorry. 'Scuse me can i get passed to go to the toilet. 'Scuse me can i get passed to go to the toilet. 'Scuse me can i get passed to go to the toilet. 'Scuse me can i get passed to go to the toilet. We're normally a bit more raucous than this. Erm, Andy, I can't find my car. Where's Jonny? He won't be coming home with us tonight.

Where's Jonny? Where's Jonny? Has anybody seen or heard from Jonny since we left him in Leeds? We have a gig in a few hours, can anybody get in touch with Jonny? He's in the Bell, and he's got a story to tell. SAVE THE DI BOXES! How many drinks tokens is that each? Well there's more if we only give Jonny one. One of these days, I'm gonna feel so much better! Everyone step forward. Shit, that's never worked before. Do it again. Three times? My word. Can I have some of your pint. That's disgusting. Can I have some more? Where are Dan & Jonny? You locked us out. I had a burger. Adelphi! Taxi for Russell? No. Taxi for Russell? No. Taxi for Russell? No. Taxi for Evans? Adelphi! Old Dog! If I get hit by one more beer mat, you're getting a pint on your head.

Then Jonny got wet.

Are you aware it's only 10.20am? Do you know how to set a drum kit up? Are these all snare stands? Is the bass drum usually that way round? Hog Roast! Beer. Beer. Fosters. Jagerbombs. Wallace and Grommit. Jonny, play the riff slowly? The what? The verse bit... but slowly. I know what will make you pay attention. Here's a joke! The ultra-sound man. The ship! The Ferret! The Adelphi! Tequila! Tequila! Tequila!

Then Jonny was sick.


Kebab? Kebab!

Wake Jonny up, he has practice.