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Thursday, 22 July 2010

2 gigs - 1 day? Stone me, guv'nor!

Yep, that's right. It's unthinkable that last week, One English Pound were playing just one gig in a day. And now, this Sunday, July 25, we have reached the dizzy heights of playing two gigs in a day. That's one gig per day more than countless other bands, including the Rolling Stones and Muse. 

Well, that's hard work for you! Anyway, first off we're laying down our sword and shield to play a  set at the Riversway Festival (down by the docks). We're on at 1.30pm sharp. 

They want us to get there at 10am - seems a bit extreme. But the good people of Preston demand we sound our very best and if we have to work hard all weekend to impress our townsfolk, then that is what we'll do - did I mention we are playing two gigs in a day? 

In other, if rather similar, news: we are playing another gig on the same day (July 25). It is at the Withy Trees festival on the Lytham Road. Don't be fooled, unlike Blackpool road, Lytham Road doesn't go all the way to Lytham, it comes to an end near Lane Ends - poor effort. 

We will be on stage around 8pm at the Withys but being the 24/7 promotional conveyor belt that we are, we would recommend that you head straight there after your enjoyment of the Riversway Docks Festival has peaked - you can get too much of a good thing.

Two things left to say... firstly, two gigs in a day is not too much of a good thing, so come to both. Secondly, do we really have to be there at 10am??

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