"We are not a political or press organisation, we are not an entry fee and we can't consolidate your existing debts into an easily managable monthly package. We are a band and we play good songs to good folk." Welcome aboard.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wakefield Is Brill

Wakefield seems like it would make a great night out.

I've said this statement several times since we played there on Friday, the general response has been cynical. Well, look...

...bet you didn't expect that did you?

As Dan & Andy have already mentioned, we liked the place, it's got that Wigan-meets-Prague vibe that seems to set most folks in good spirits, and a good selection of bars, from the super-pleasant, to the super-neon, to the just plain strange. Admittedly we approached it from a good angle, it was a warms spring evening and we were about to play a gig, and yes, I've actually been out in Wakefield once before, but that night was darker, and I was more tired, but we liked it very much, and I hope we can return and take in a full night before the summer is out.

The Escobar is a great little venue too, and it don't matter so much how sparse the crowd might be if they're gonna give it the welly that we were lucky enough to see on Friday. Bands pulling out, drinks before gig, Jonny Swift on his knees; gig could have been a disaster, but the paying customers wouldn't let it be. Big big thanks to the guy who filled in last minute as opening act and managed to get his fans and friends to stick around for us too, sorry we(I) didn't get your name, if anybody knows him, do write in. Same thanks to the West Yorkshire contingent that came down as a result of Mr Dykes too, brilliant you were.

The Ferret? Oh how we love The Ferret. Opening band dropping out last minute, Duelling Pistols playing two gigs with five minutes in between to fill in, top travelling band and then we get to spend half an hour having an awful lot of fun. I think though, if we're ruling that Swifty only has a few drinks before the gig, we should rule that Russ (that's me, in the third person) only has a few after the gig.

No gigs now until May? It seems so long, who wants a One English Pound gig in their garden while the sun is out? Will play for burgers, so long as you've got decent relish.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Man walks into a pub....

.....asks what time One English Pound are on because he only saw a couple of songs last time and enjoyed them so wanted to see the full set.

There were many highlights this weekend. We were able to pretend we were on tour and played two different cities in two consecutive nights. If you keep up to date with our blogging you'll be already in the know that on Friday we played in Wakefield to a small but enthusiastic crowd. This was followed by our 4th appearance at the Mad Ferret to another enthusiastic crowd that was healthy in size. We were also delighted to make friends with a band called Where's Strutter who were very enjoyable.

So, a weekend filled with plenty of highlights however my favourite highlight had to be purchasing my first "Twister" Ice lolly of the year, adorning a pair of sunglasses and making my way to the park for a sit down.


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bars made from Palm Trees

Escobar in Wakefield last night. Headline band dropped out last minute (cheers to the several Preston bands and minor celebrities who jumped to Russ' aid when he was told to find a bass amp at a few hours notice), so modest crowd but great reaction. New song Cinderella Walls got people moving and Eldon Street turned a bit chaotic; people danced, people sang and I turned round at the end to find Jonny on the floor.

Preston tonight, so we had to shoot back, but Wakefield looks like a great night out, it's even got a Latin quarter, so hopefully we'll be back there before too long.

We're playing the Mad Ferret this evening, it all kicks off around 9.30pm and it's free entry, so you've no excuses not to be there. Also check out our good friends the Duelling Pistols at the Ship Inn at 9pm on your way down.

We're joined by Where's Strutter?, who were main support to Pete Doherty in Manchester on Monday and are looking to do big things. The show is opened by Chorley's The Dime Show, and it's Tom the drummer's birthday, so get down from the start to make sure he has a good one.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Good News Friday

So, it's Good Friday.. But what on earth is good about it? Well, we're most of us off work for a start. The sun's out (or at least it was) and Preston's newest hit makers One English Pound have a host of announcements to, er, announce.

Firstly, we have new recordings up on the myspace, click here to go have a listen.

Secondly, we have booked a new run of gigs as follows, get in touch for entry details;

April 9 (Escobar, Wakefield)
April 10 (Mad Ferret, Preston)
May 12 (Milo, Leeds)
May 14 (New Continental, Preston)
May 30 (The Well, Leeds)
June 5 (FAC251, Manchester - the new clubnight run by the team behind Factory Records.)

We've also had our first review, by a site called Mudkiss (www.mudkiss.com) and we're gradually getting our heads round a few new melodies and ideas, which will hopefully make an appearance at some of these forthcoming gigs.

I think that's all for now, keep checking back as we'll have another song up next week.

Enjoy your Good Friday, even if you have a headache or you have to work or you missed your train and had your card declined while trying to pay for a new ticket.