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Saturday, 22 May 2010

One step forward...

Momentum is a funny thing. And you notice it at the strangest of times. In Sheffield (May 6) we arrived full of beans after a forced ten-day break and raring to go. Only to see the crowd sink into the nooks and corners of venue West Street Live and leave us thinking "well, we've got a lot of work to do".

The following Monday we regrouped and bowled into a radio interview with BBC Lancs, with Jonny waxing lyrical about pirates and magicians but all of us largely unprepared to answer the question "what do you want from being in a band?"

Then, a week later, the strangest thing happened. Aware we need to step everything up to make a go of this, we arrived at The Continental beer festival (May 14) and, with the words 'can everyone step forward a bit', everybody did. Twice.

Cheers were loud, dancing was frequent, people were absolutely everywhere and right there and right then you think.. this is what we want from being in a band. This is why we do this, this is what the late nights, the long drives, the practice and the tough crowds are for.

What's more, it's worth every second. Not for the attention or a slap on the back, if I wanted that I'd ring my mum, but for the growing feeling that you may actually have a place in any given community, however big or small, and that people might just enjoy what you do, hear what you are saying and are willing to share in whatever it is that constitutes a "moment" like The Continental gig .

We play FAC251 in our Manchester debut on Saturday, June 5th and we've a lot of practice to squeeze in, but we're confident we can cause a small ripple in the great sea of bands that frequent the city's Saturday night.

It'd be encouraging to have some friendly faces in the crowd and, as always, your support would be much appreciated, so get in touch if you fancy a night out with us.


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