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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

One English Pound meet the Twitterati!

Urban dictionary - 
The Twitter.com elite, whose feeds attract thousands of followers and whose 140-character spews capture the attention of the press who doggedly monitor them.

Having recently learnt a new word, we set about making an impact on the so-called Twitterati by messaginghigh-profile celebrities telling them the reason they should listen to One English Pound. 

A flurry of celeb interest in the band was bound to follow; comments, interviews, magazine appearances, maybe a slot on This Morning. 

As The Toytown Express went to print, we still await our first reply, but here's a selection of our work. We'll continue until we succeed, so join Twitter.com/oneenglishpound to keep track of who we've hassled…

@NadineCoyle Hi Nadine, just listened to your song. Could you return the favour and listen to ours at facebook.com/oneenglishpound

@davidblaine Greetings D-man. Hope you're relaxing after years of life-threatening stunts. Listen to our band at myspace.com/oneenglishpound

@DemiMoore Morning Demi. Just casually advertising our band to people we think are kool. Follow us at twitter.com/oneenglishpound thanks

@AshtonKutcher Hi, apologies for sending a tweet to your wife earlier. should've asked you 1st. listen to our band at myspace.com/oneenglishpound x

@djchrismoyles hi chris, waved at you a few years back and you ignored me, so can u listen to our band.. Myspace.com/oneenglishpound

@robbrydon Rob, sorry we've not been in touch. had no water all day due to a burst pipe. listen to our band at facebook.com/oneenglishpound

@richardpbacon Afternoon Richard.. Lady Gaga looks like Cyril Sneer. Pass it on! and listen to our band at myspace.com/oneenglishpound

@Schofe Greetings Phil. Saw you in Joseph a while back. Better than Jason! Have a listen to our band at www.facebook.com/oneenglispound

@jamie_oliver Jamie, thought you'd be interested in our band's 'Music For Cooking' EP, listen at myspace.com/oneenglishpound! x

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